About Us

Hi, Welcome to Bows & Bros Boutique, I would like to tell you a little but about myself, our handmade products, our goals, and our story! I will start off with introducing myself. My name is Monica, I am a wife of a wonderful husband, and a beautiful baby girl. I am also the founder of Bows and Bros Boutique LLC. I first opened my store because I loved to make cute outfits for my baby, and would get so many compliments, that I decided to open my own store and sell them for other people as well. Plus it is a hobby that I LOVE!!! When opening the store I had 4 years of Customer Service Experience from my previous jobs before becoming a stay at home mom, and B&BB owner! I also had about 2 years of experience in graphic design, as well as 2 1/2 years experience in working with vinyl products. I taught myself how to sew with hard work and determination and created all the sewing patterns for our outfit sets myself, and adjusted the sizes as necessary so I could be sure that they were as true to size as possible. All the onesies and shirts in the store are designed by me, as well as a lot of the fabrics sold for the outfit sets are designed by me as well, and are 100% original and unique. Although there are some fabrics, that are not designed by me, because they were too cute to resist and I just had to add them to the store! If you want to know which ones those are, feel free to contact us! I have so many big goals for B&BB, but the big ones are to ALWAYS have the best 5 star customer service, and high quality handmade products that last a long time. So know that when you purchase from us, you are supporting a family business, and putting food our tables. Anyway, enough about me! Thank you for visiting B&BB and taking the time to read about us! I hope you love our products, and as always feel free to message us, if you have any questions about anything!


Thank you!